Research Brief: Impact of Lexia® Core5® Reading on Black/African American Students

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Lexia Research & Analytics. Impact of Lexia® Core5® Reading on Black/African American Students. Concord, MA: Lexia Learning Systems LLC, A Rosetta Stone Company.

Key Findings
  • In a large national sample, Black/African American students showed considerable progress in Core5. There was a 46% improvement over the school year in students working on skills in/above grade level.
  • Correlations demonstrate a close correspondence between Black/African American students’ performance in Core5 and their scores on established reading tests.
  • Two studies showed Black/African American students in schools using Core5 outperformed their peers in control schools on established reading tests.
  • Black/African American students using Core5 over two years made significant gains on a standardized reading test, ending the second year with scores above the national average on the test.
  • In contrast to other educational interventions, which sometimes inadvertently widen achievement gaps, Black/African American students who use Core5 make gains on par with peers of other racial backgrounds.
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