Impact of Re-Auto Placement in Core5 on Reading Performance

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Lexia Research & Analytics. Impact of Re-Auto Placement in Core5 on Reading Performance. Concord, MA: Lexia Learning Systems LLC, A Rosetta Stone Company.

Key Findings
  • Students who were re-auto placed in Core5 (Re-Auto Placed group) had a Start Level in Core5 that fell below students who continued in Core5 where they left off the previous Spring (Business-As-Usual group). The Re-Auto Placed group’s lower Start Level may reflect a summer slide, or students showing a decline in reading skills over the summer.
  • The Re-Auto Placed group made substantial progress in Core5, reaching an End Level similar to the Business-as-Usual group.
  • The Re-Auto Placed group showed a trend toward higher Spring scores on the GRADE than the Business-as-Usual group, which suggests that re-doing activities in Core5 may help solidify reading skills.
  • U.S. national survey results show that Core5 teachers who have re-auto placed students in the Fall overwhelmingly agree on the value of doing so.
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