Lexia's Published Scientific Efficacy Research Shows Students Make Significant Gains in Reading Comprehension Using Lexia Core5 Reading

Peer-reviewed research validates Lexia’s effective methodology for reading instruction; Study shows notable growth for English Language Learners

BOSTON (December 15, 2015)  Lexia Learning, a Rosetta Stone® Inc. (NYSE: RST) company, has announced the publication of its seventh peer-reviewed efficacy study, validating the student gains made when using Lexia’s technology-based literacy programs. The latest study, published in Computers in the Schools, explores the outcomes from using Lexia® Core5® Reading in a blended learning approach for first and second graders in an urban elementary school. Students in treatment and control groups were measured using the Group Reading Assessment and Diagnostic Evaluation (GRADE) as a pretest in September 2012 and a posttest in May 2013.

Highlights of the efficacy study include:

  • Students who used Lexia Core5 Reading showed significantly greater pretest to posttest gains on a standardized reading assessment (GRADE) compared to the control students. The greatest discrepancy between groups occurred in reading comprehension.
  • A sub-analysis revealed that English Language Learners (ELL) who used Lexia Core5 Reading demonstrated substantial gains on the GRADE exam, indicating that this approach can help close the performance gap. At pretest, ELL treatment students scored significantly below non-ELL control students, but at posttest, they showed nearly identical scores to non-ELL control students.
  • Among students who started in Lexia Core5 Reading one grade level below or in grade level material, 81% were able to advance to the next grade level or beyond.

“For more than 30 years, Lexia has been extremely focused on product efficacy and student outcomes,” said Lexia President Nick Gaehde. “Studies like this are proof that we are having a significant impact on student performance.”

Peer-reviewed research published in scholarly journals, like the recent Lexia research, is often considered the “gold standard” of product efficacy research. The studies, which must include treatment and control groups and demonstrate statistically significant outcomes, help educators to discern which products or programs are scientifically proven to improve student outcomes.

Lexia Core5 Reading is a technology-based reading program for students of all abilities in pre-kindergarten through grade five. Designed to accelerate fundamental literacy skills development, the program provides a personalized learning path for each student with scaffolding and explicit instruction that supports students if they struggle, and helps empowers teachers with the data and instructional resources for direct instruction. The program simplifies differentiated instruction, enabling at-risk students to close the reading gap more quickly and on-level and advanced students to continue to progress.

For more information about Lexia, visit www.lexialearning.com or call 1-800-435-3942.

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