Grammar: 6–12

What is grammar?

Grammar, which is a system of rules for arranging words, phrases, and clauses, is the foundation of effective written and spoken communication. Knowledge of grammar and text structure helps students compose and comprehend both oral dialogue and written text.


How do grammar skills impact reading proficiency?

In written texts, grammar fosters effective communication between the author and the reader. Good writers use precise grammar to ensure their message is clear to readers. As a result, proficient readers use their knowledge of grammar, as well as prior and vocabulary knowledge, to understand what the author wishes to convey. While reading, proficient readers observe the functions of words in sentences, determine the roles of phrases and clauses, and take note of punctuation in order to clarify the meanings of words within sentences and the meanings of the sentences themselves. Proficient readers understand and apply their knowledge of grammar to a degree that it becomes automatic and effortless, only reflecting on grammar rules when needed to support their understanding of text. Grammar is as essential to proficient reading as it is to coherent writing.


How does Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® develop grammar skills?

The goal of grammar is to improve written composition and reading comprehension by focusing on how written language works. Through systematic, spiraled instruction, Lexia PowerUp Literacy teaches students how to think and talk about written language. The Grammar instructional strand introduces students to the parts of speech, parts of sentences, and writing conventions with engaging videos.

Through a variety of activities, students practice identifying the key elements of grammar in order to learn how parts of speech function in sentences, and how parts of sentences convey meaning. Students also learn how writing conventions such as punctuation help identify the writer’s intent (e.g., telling, asking, separating ideas, connecting ideas). Knowledge of the key elements of grammar and their functions aids students in constructing clear, complete sentences.

This knowledge of grammar, a key component of academic language, helps students navigate complex text successfully. In Lexia PowerUp Literacy, students learn to identify the functions of words in sentences; ofsentence parts; of different types of sentences; and of capitalization and punctuation. Students then build on this foundation to learn the structures of different text genres.