Morgen Owings Elementary School — Lake Chelan School District, WA

Morgen Owings Chooses Lexia for Both Literacy Assessment and Instruction
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“Differentiation is the key to effective instruction. Together, Core5, and RAPID create a personalized learning experience for students and enable teachers to easily differentiate their instruction.”
- Barry DePaoli, Superintendent, Lake Chelan School District, WA


Morgen Owings Elementary School faced multiple challenges related to literacy instruction. Teachers needed a way to differentiate instruction for students whose literacy skills varied greatly, including many reading below grade level. The amount of time spent assessing and progress monitoring their students was interfering with instructional time. “We were using multiple assessments, but these only gave teachers a number and left them asking ‘Now, what?’” commented Heidi Busk, Principal, Morgen Owings Elementary School. “Due to our school’s high number of EL (English Learner) students and students living in poverty, we needed to identify instructional priorities such as academic language. We also wanted to bring consistency and structure to the instructional methods and resource materials used by our faculty.”



Principal Heidi Busk and her team selected Lexia for literacy assessment and instruction. The research-validated Lexia® RAPID™ Assessment measures the skills most predictive of end-of-year reading success for students in grades K–12. Lexia® Core5® Reading, a research-proven, technology-based literacy program for grades pre-K–5, systematically builds early literacy skills for students of all abilities. Together, RAPID and Core5 provided the adaptive instruction, offline instructional resources, and actionable data Morgen Owings sought. 

It was the depth of this individualized data and alignment to instruction that captured the interest of Morgen Owings. “Differentiation is the key to effective instruction. Together, Core5 and RAPID provide a personalized learning experience for students and enable teachers to easily differentiate their instruction,” stated Barry DePaoli, Superintendent, Lake Chelan School District.
RAPID is unique among screeners in its focus on academic language, critical for reading comprehension beyond third grade. “Academic language is the key to success. Without an understanding of the rules, structures and nuances of the English language, students struggle to comprehend grade level content,” remarked Busk.

Morgen Owings’ teachers agree with Busk’s perspective on the pedagogy of RAPID and Core5. “The structure and depth of RAPID and Core5 provide teachers with research-based, developmentally appropriate scope and sequence to instruction and resource materials that are spot on,” commented first grade teacher, Shannon Peebles.



The efficiency of RAPID and the embedded progress monitoring of Core5 has helped to dramatically increase the effectiveness of instruction and decrease the need for multiple assessments. “We were assessing so often,” stated Busk, “we were losing valuable instructional time just to see if what we were doing was working.” The combination of RAPID and Core5 provided Morgen Owings with the data needed to drive personalized instruction and they are reaping the benefits.

RAPID data indicate an increase over time in the number of students performing within or above the average range (25th-75th percentiles) in RAPID. For example, grade 3 students performing within and above the average range in Reading Comprehension nearly doubled from 36% to 65% between fall 2016 and winter 2017.1 Similarly, Core5 data show an increase in the number of Morgen Owings students working in or above Core5 grade-level material from 25% to 79% (see Figure 1) between fall 2016 and winter 2017.2


Aligning to Instruction

Morgen Owings understands the incredible value of having data that is accessible, actionable, and aligned to instruction. RAPID provides a literacy profile of students’ strengths and weaknesses in word recognition, academic language and reading comprehension and groups students accordingly. This enables teachers to quickly and easily address gaps. “Two students may be struggling with reading, but for very different reasons. RAPID is the only screener that helps us easily identify where a student is struggling,” remarked Ashley Leneway, Technology & Curriculum Integration Specialist at Morgen Owings.


Differentiating with Ease

“It’s so amazing not to have to guess at what our kids need,” stated Jennifer Rainville, first grade teacher at Morgen Owings. “RAPID gives us literacy profiles (see Figure 2). Core5 provides the students online, personalized instruction and gives us targeted, offline instructional materials that we use to support student learning. Then, we get the data to see if it worked. It’s amazing.”


Moving Forward with Confidence

Lexia Learning has provided Morgen Owings with the comprehensive literacy assessment and curriculum tools critical to their success. The needs of the administration, faculty and student body are all being met. “Most importantly, we have students who are reading and who are enthusiastic about learning. The data we’re seeing in student growth is powerful and exciting,” stated Busk.

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1Lexia Learning, third grade students (N=109), 9/2/2016-2/16/2017

2Lexia Learning, students meeting recommended usage (N=368) with at least 12 weeks of use, 8/1/2016-4/3/2017