Remote Learning with Lexia Programs During Extended School Closures

Lexia® Core5® Reading and Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® can be used from home as part of a remote learning implementation during extended school closures or other special circumstances. This document provides information about key program features to help inform educator contingency planning and support the successful continuity of student learning. 

Key Program Features for Successful Remote Student Learning

  • Students can log in to Core5 and PowerUp from home.
    • We recommend creating a plan for how students will log in at home and sharing that plan with parents or guardians.
    • If students are logging in to Core5 or PowerUp directly, teachers can share Home Letters with families that are already crafted in multiple languages:
    • However, your school may use a Single Sign On solution, allowing for easier access to all instructional technology programs for students. If your students are logging via your school’s LMS or landing page, make sure they know where to go to log in. Please provide them with what they need to log in, such as their username and password, or Clever badge. If your school or district uses Clever for Single Sign On, you can visit for additional resources to support home access.
  • Students can also continue learning using printed program resources, such as Lexia Skill Builders. This option can be especially helpful in instances where supported devices are not available at home.
  • Core5 and PowerUp offline instructional resources can be printed ahead of time and sent home for extended practice and review.
    • Visit > Resources for:
      •   Core5 Skill Builders
      •   PowerUp Skill Builders
    • Visit > Resources > Core5 Resources Hub > Support for Instruction for:
      •   Core5 Flash Cards
      •   Lexia Close Reads for Core5
      •   Printable Core5 Comprehension & Fluency passages
    • Visit > Resources > PowerUp Resources Hub > Classroom Resources for:
      •   Printable PowerUp Comprehension passages
  • For extended periods of home use, teachers may deliver Lexia Lessons virtually and/or provide the documents to parents/learning guardians to assist with learning. Most Lexia Lessons are scripted and require minimal materials to be delivered.
    • Teachers may also consider downloading and sharing recommended Lexia Lessons with parents or guardians for instruction to be done at home.
    • If access to district-approved video conferencing is available, Lexia Lessons could be used by teachers to provide targeted instruction for students.
  • Outside of school, administrators and teachers can log in to using a supported browser or the myLexia mobile app to monitor student progress.
    • We recommend that teachers log in at least once a week to check the Class Action Plan and follow up with families as needed to support students.
    • Teachers may choose to communicate updates about usage and progress with families via email.
  • The following learning module may be helpful for teacher planning:
  • Families can reinforce literacy skills at home by reading with their children, encouraging independent reading, and by using the following resources:
  • For technical support while using the program at home, families can contact Lexia Customer Support at or 800-507-2772. Please note that Lexia Customer Support is not able to provide parents with student usernames or passwords, or teacher emails.

Planning Ideas

Before Remote Learning Period
During Remote Learning Period
Administrators can
  • Create a plan for how students will log in from home.
  • Check the list of supported devices.
  • Decide what tools teachers will use to communicate with families during the extended home use.
  • Confirm that teachers have a plan in place for logging into myLexia, checking the Class Action Plan, and following up with families as needed to support students.
  • View Using Core5 at Home learning module.
Administrators can
  • Log into myLexia at least once a week to monitor student progress.
  • Check-in with teachers to provide support as needed.
Teachers can
  • Check the list of supported devices.
  • Plan for how you will communicate with families during the extended home use.
  • Share login information and program resources with families. You may wish to use the Home Use Letters.
  • Prepare and send home printed instructional materials, such as Lexia Skill Builders, for students to complete.
  • View Using Core5 at Home learning module.
Teachers can
  • Log into myLexia at least once a week to review the Class Action Plan.
  • Provide resources (via email) to families, such as recommended Lexia Lessons, to support student progress.
  • If access to district-approved video conferencing is available, provide targeted instruction for students using Lexia Lessons.


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