Proof is Power

Our Proof is Your Power

When it comes to personalized learning programs for your students, academic administrators and educators have a lot of choices. Before you make a decision, you need proof.


Lexia Learning is so proud that Core5® and PowerUp™ are the world’s best reading programs, as evidenced by 20+ independent studies by respected institutions like Evidence for ESSA.

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With the deepest research showing our literacy programs being 5x more effective across multiple student populations, we’re not just meeting standards. We’re blowing them away.

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Your kids come first. Research proves it. Studies show that, across districts and subpopulations, Lexia programs are 5x more effective in the classroom than other literacy programs.

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Superintendents, District Leaders

Analyzing the data, respected research organizations have declared that Lexia’s Core5® and PowerUp™ meet all major efficacy evidence standards. These aren’t just powerful results - when combined with the data found at, our proof can mean power for your budget and your student outcomes.

8 Studies that Meet ESSA's Standards for Strong Research

I recommend Lexia PowerUp Literacy® as an intervention. I have worked as a school turnaround administrator for 10 years, and the results from this pilot were better than interventions I have been associated with in that time

- Dave Rice / Assistant Superintendent, Roseville Community Schools / Michigan

School Administrators

Lexia is estimated to have the greatest impact on student learning. Our programs have received STRONG ratings from Evidence for ESSA at both the elementary and secondary level. When combined with the data found at, that proof is all the more powerful.

Many organizations and solution providers offer reviews of their own data. What’s fantastic about Lexia is it uses independent third parties to evaluate its tools, adding both value and credibility to its offerings.

- Paul Liabenow / Executive Director / Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association (MEMSPA)


The classroom is a balancing act, and the right literacy program can help all your kids succeed, which helps you succeed. Lexia programs give you tools with personalized instruction and adaptive assessments to help your kids learn.



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