RAPID: Assesses skills most predictive of reading comprehension success

RAPID assesses the reading and language skills that predict reading success at each grade level.  These skills are measured with separate, grade-specific tasks to provide areas of instructional focus, and then combined into a screening score that predicts end-of-year reading achievement to guide instructional resource planning.  



Screening and Diagnostic Information

RAPID's holistic prediction of reading success is determined by a combination of performance on reading and language tasks that research indicates to be highly predictive of comprehension. Student performance on the screening tasks creates a unique diagnostic profile of their strengths and weaknesses.  This profile is used to group students with similar needs for instructional planning. 

Covers Breadth and Depth

By measuring each skill area individually, RAPID provides insight into multiple skills while still remaining sensitive to skill-specific growth. Educators can track their students' skill development in word recognition, academic language, and comprehension separately.  

Links to Instructional Resources

Educators can access a library of Lexia Instructional Connections, which provide strategies and routines to structure individual, small-group, and whole-class activities. Lexia Instructional Connections extend and expand learning related to listening, speaking, reading, and writing by providing opportunities for oral and written expression, as well as peer collaboration. They target a wide variety of topics across word recognition, academic language, and reading comprehension.