RAPID: Identify Instructional Needs

Lexia® RAPID Assessment is specifically designed to help schools meet the need for data-driven instruction and decision making.  After students have completed the screening tasks, RAPID determines each student's learning needs and provides educators with student groupings for teacher-led, targeted instruction.



Student Profiles

RAPID provides a profile of strengths and weaknesses for each student comprised of grade-based percentile ranks for all screening tasks. Two students may have a similar RSP, but the focus of their instruction may target different skills.

In the example below, Clare and Benito have the same Reading Success Probability but distinct profiles; Clare is strong in Word Recognition and Vocabulary Knowledge but weak in Reading Comprehension whereas Benito is strong in Vocabulary Knowledge and Syntactic Knowledge but weak in Word Recognition.


Instructional Groupings for Teachers

RAPID Instructional Groupings identify students with similar profiles for small-group instruction and link teachers to a resource library of Lexia Connections. 

These resources provide strategies for individual, small-group, and whole-class instruction that extend and enhance student skills through speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities, as well as opportunities for peer collaboration and cross-curriculum connections.