Align Literacy Initiatives

RAPID provides actionable insights on student literacy that inform the school and district-wide literacy focus. Easily interpretable data is available immediately and empowers leaders to implement literacy initiatives that best support teachers and students. 

The website provides teachers and administrators a dashboard with access to data, reports, training videos, and instructional materials that connect to the reading and language skills assessed in RAPID.


Data Visibilitity 

RAPID results are shared in District, School, Class, and Student Reports. Each report includes the three RAPID scores: the Reading Success Probability Score (RSP), Percentile Ranks, and Performance Scores. The RSP is an overall score indicating the likelihood of end-of-year success, while Percentile Ranks and Performance Scores describe performance on each skill.

School and District Levels

At the district and school level, RAPID reports aid administrators in identifying resources needed by defining the number of students who may be at risk and require more intensive instruction. These reports also identify skill areas that need to be addressed more effectively, thereby informing curriculum review and professional development. Additionally, administrators can use RAPID reports to monitor progress in reading skills over the year, across schools, grades, and various demographic groups.

Class and Student Levels

Class and student reports illuminate how students are progressing in grade-level skills. This data helps teachers differentiate instruction, monitor its impact, and provide students with appropriate interventions.