PowerUp: Motivation & Engagement

Designed specifically for adolescents, Lexia PowerUp Literacy engages students with a range of relevant, high-interest authentic texts, instructional and hook videos, polling questions, and game-based motivational elements.

Particularly important for older students, Lexia PowerUp Literacy helps students set and manage goals for themselves, and encourages them to take ownership of their learning.

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Relevant, High-Interest, Original, & Authentic Texts

PowerUp Comprehension activities feature a wide range of authentic informational and narrative texts, as well as drama and poetry. Reading is a meaning-making activity, so it is important to engage learners with texts that are meaningful to them. The texts do not always need to be about familiar content, but they do need to be interesting and worth reading. 


Promoting Student Autonomy

The student dashboard helps students set and manage their own learning goals, and encourages them to take ownership of their learning.

Based on each student's weekly goals, students can select where they would like to work in each one of the instructional strands—Word Study, Grammar, and Comprehension.




Game-Based Motivational Elements

Polling questions help students connect with their peers, hook videos pique their interest while introducing texts, and instructional videos inform and entertain with age-appropriate songs and humor. Additional game-based elements motivate students to persevere through challenging content and reward streaks for accurate responses.