PowerUp: Ongoing Data to Drive Instructional Priority

In PowerUp, student data is easy to access and simple to interpret. While students are working independently in the online activities, Lexia’s patented embedded progress monitoring system, Assessment Without Testing®, gathers immediate, actionable data without interrupting the flow of instruction for a test event. Teachers can access data for individual students or the whole class on a browser or iPhone app.

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Optimize Time and Resources

With rich class and student data at their fingertips, educators can make informed instructional decisions. Up-to-the-minute data on student performance and progress help teachers prioritize limited time and resources based on student needs.

The myLexia educator platform provides teachers with just the right resources for face-to-face instruction at point-of-use, based on student performance in the online program.  



Monitor Academic Growth

Data in myLexia provide insight into progress for both individual students and an entire class.

These actionable, real-time reports help educators track: 

  • Student progress in the content

  • Skills students have acquired

  • Areas where students struggle 

  • Student usage of the program




Ensure Fidelity of Implementation

In order for students to develop the skills needed for grade-level reading proficiency, it is important that they are meeting the recommended minutes in the program.  

The myLexia reports allow educators to monitor class and student usage to ensure the program is being used with fidelity. 

Instructional leaders can promote data-driven instruction by monitoring staff logins and delivery of the recommended teacher resources.