Adaptive Technology for Individualized Assessment

Computer-adaptive assessments precisely measure student skills by adjusting the questions students receive based on their individual, real-time performance. 

Lexia RAPID Assessment provides a simple student assessment experience through the use of sophisticated, research-based adaptive technology that accurately and efficiently measures student ability while minimizing testing time.



Targeted to Each Student

According to the Journal of Educational Measurement, adaptive tests that target each student’s ability level can be up to 50% shorter than fixed item tests while maintaining higher levels of precision. Targeting the amount and difficulty of questions to each individual student, RAPID provides an individualized, efficient assessment that promotes student engagement and reduces frustration. 

Sensitive and Reliable

With questions that span a wide range of difficulty, RAPID allows for precise measurement of students’ knowledge and growth whether they are performing above or below grade level. Reliability of performance is evaluated for each individual student, in contrast to non-adaptive measures that average reliability across examinees and may not be appropriate or sufficiently reliable for students at high or low ability levels. 

Available for Immediate Review

Instant access to student data saves educators’ valuable time and resources. As soon as a student finishes a RAPID task, results are immediately available on, with no paper scoring or data entry required.