Lexia Strategies was retired in July 2020

Students previously using Strategies can now use Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® or Lexia® Core5® Reading

Students: Click on one of the following to continue your learning:

Grades 6–12

Grades Pre-K–5


Use your existing Lexia username and password to log in. Please check with your teacher if you need help.

Teachers: Students who were previously rostered in Lexia Strategies have been migrated to one of the following programs: Lexia PowerUp Literacy (grades 6–12) or Lexia Core5 Reading (grades Pre-K–5). 

  • To access their newly assigned program students should use their existing Lexia login credentials. Additional details about program assignment are below in the Administrators section.

  • When students log into the program for the first time, they will work through an automated placement so they can start the program at a place that is right for them.

  • Click the program buttons (above) and login using your Lexia credentials to access an educator demo.

  • If you are new to either program, check out these Getting Started guides.

Administrators: All students who were previously rostered in Lexia Strategies have been reassigned to either Lexia PowerUp Literacy (grades 6–12) or Lexia Core5 Reading (grades Pre-K–5). Program assignment is based, in part, on the “Core5 Grade” setting in your myLexia account (see Settings/Site Settings/Site Info).

Default setting:

  • Grades Pre-K–5 (R-Year 6 in UK) - assigned to Core5

  • Grades 6–12 (Year 7+ in UK) - assigned to PowerUp

Administrators can manually assign individual students to a specific program from within myLexia to override the default setting. Please contact Lexia Support  if you require assistance with checking or resetting a student’s placement.

Note: Students rostered in Core5 during the 2019-20 school year have not been impacted.

Additional Resources

Getting Started with Lexia Products (Core5 & PowerUp)

PowerUp Technical Set-Up Guide 

Core5 Technical Set-Up Guide

Need assistance or have questions? We are glad to help!

Email: support@lexialearning.com