Resources for Administrators, Educators, and Families

Strong leadership is critically important in enabling educators to effectively maintain their students’ continuity of learning whether instruction happens in-person, at a distance, or in a combination of learning models. This page will provide you with tips and key information for administrators as well as resources to share with educators and families to help support the flexible use of Lexia programs in any learning environment.

Table of Contents:
1. Resources for Administrators
2. Supporting Educators
3. Supporting Families

Resources for Administrators

Lexia’s products follow an adaptive, blended learning model that meets students at their own level and provides educators with the data and resources they need to pinpoint gaps, monitor progress, and close gaps. The resources below help administrators reinforce this model and support educators in identifying the most critical student needs and skill areas of focus.


Overview: Supporting Remote Learning

Tips for Administrators: Using Lexia to Support Remote Learning »
Expanding Use: Rostering and Access »

Online Programs

Lexia's literacy programs provide explicit, systematic, personalized learning in critical reading and language skills. 

Core5 Expanded (21-level)
Scope and Sequence
Core5 Classic (18-level)
Scope and Sequence
Scope and Sequence


District and School Level Data in myLexia

myLexia offers an array of school and district level reports to help administrators monitor student usage and progress, highlight skill development across a school or district, and establish data routines that flexibly fit into  any learning envrionment. 

Interactive District and School Report Walkthroughs: Core5 and PowerUp » 
Click on the numbered images in each section to learn more about each report and how the information can inform instructional decisions. 

myLexia Reports Guides:

Administrator Check-In

Reports Guide

School Reports

District Reports

Instructional Materials

Lexia not only offers students the support they need to become successful readers and confident learners, it also provides teachers with valuable offline instructional resources. 

Instructional Materials Guide
Lexia Lessons Overview
Core5 & PowerUp
Digital Skills Builders Overview
Lesson Guide



Supporting Educators

This Educator Resources Page includes information for educators related to student rostering, eLearning content through Lexia Academy, and recommended resources to support home use. Encourage educators to take advantage of these materials and share these resources with families. 

Our Customer Success team is also hosting a series of 45-minute webinars to support educators with their understanding of class and student-level data, the blended learning model, and how best to support use of Lexia at home. Educators can register here to join.

Supporting Families

Both the Core5 family resource page and the PowerUp family resource page include a product overview as well as resources for families to support learning at home. For remote learning environments, Educators can share Lexia’s At-Home Resources Hub with families—the Hub includes a library of Lexia Lessons®, Lexia Skill Builders® and Lexia® Connections, and provide families with easy access to materials that reinforce online learning.

Educators can also inform families that the Customer Success team will be holding a series of webinars to support families with the use of Lexia products at home. Families can register here and attend sessions specific to Core5 or PowerUp. 

We appreciate your continued partnership and support of educators and students.