CARES Act Michigan

We’re helping school districts across Michigan shape education in the COVID-19 era.

Michigan has placed specific emphasis on remote learning as a critical component of reopening school districts across the state and maintaining key literacy benchmarks for students. Lexia can help educators, students, and administrators meet these important goals during this critical time as they decide how to best distribute federal ESSER and GEER funds from the CARES Act.



Michigan is suggesting school districts use relief funds to build out distance learning capabilities. Lexia’s literacy programs allow educators to maintain consistent instruction that aligns with Michigan’s educational standards and help implement a distance learning solution that works for everyone.



With the retention policy of Michigan’s Read by Grade Three law suspended due to COVID-19, school districts will need a renewed focus on students who are unable to read at grade level in the fall. Lexia’s offerings can help improve literacy skills for students in Michigan and allow districts to quickly close the gap in literacy requirements as schools move toward fully reopening.



There are many questions about how Michigan school districts will reduce the impact and effects of COVID-19 when they reopen. Michigan’s Return to School Roadmap recommends monitoring student progress and identifying students in need of additional support, and Lexia’s programs identify skill gaps and create individualized learning plans to help students succeed.

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Cause to Celebrate

I could hear the wild cheers spilling out of the classroom down the hall. It was electric! One might wonder what was this cause for celebration. I just smiled and carried on. I knew. It was Lexia Reading Core5®—our technology-based literacy program for grades pre-K–5.


Marysville School District

Faced with a student population with varying levels of literacy skills, Marysville elementary schools needed a program that would easily identify skill gaps and provide real-time progress monitoring to guide and support differentiated and personalized instruction.


Marysville Public Schools

  End Level in Core5 was highly correlated with M-STEP scores for grades 3, 4, and 5. 78% of students who reached their end-of-year, grade level benchmark in Core5 scored Proficient or above on M-STEP.


PowerUp ESSA Strong Study Results

Study Finds Lexia PowerUp Literacy is Up to Five Times More Effective than the Average Middle School Reading Intervention Program. Study meets ESSA’s standards for Tier 1 Strong Evidence, the highest level of efficacy evidence outlined by federal law.


Michigan State Progress Report

Over 26,000 students in grades K-5 used the Lexia® Cores® Reading (Cores) blended learning program as recommended during the 2018/19 school year in 249 schools across Michigan. Students of all abilities made substantial progress in Cores across the year.


PowerUp Literacy Alignment to Michigan ELA Standards

Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® Alignment To Michigan Academic Standards for English Language Arts. Grade: K—Adopted: 2010 


Core5 Reading Alignment to Michigan ELA Standards

Lexia® Core5® Reading Alignment To Michigan Academic Standards for English Language Arts. Grade: K—Adopted: 2010