Student Interview: Using Lexia® Core5® Reading at Home with Rachel

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students and teachers have made an unexpected transition to virtual schooling. For our youngest learners, making the shift from classroom teaching to online learning can be especially challenging. For perspective, we talked with Rachel from Maryland about her experience learning to use Lexia® Core5® Reading at home. 

Note: Rachel is the daughter of one of Lexia’s blog contributors, but had never used a Lexia program in school before the COVID-19 pandemic. Lexia’s license expansion to our customers gave every child in Rachel’s school access to Lexia Core5 Reading, our personalized literacy programs for students of all abilities in grades pre-K–5. 

Hi, Rachel! I’m excited to talk with you about Lexia Core5. First, can you tell us a little about yourself? 

I’m 6 years old and I’m in kindergarten!

When did you start using Lexia Core5?

After school shut down, I heard the news that I was using Lexia Core5 and then I decided to try it and it wasn’t so scary at all!

Have you been doing other things for school since we’ve been at home?

Yes. I’ve done lots of things like building a block castle and reading Princess and the Pea and hanging out with my sister and learning how to make a dress for my stuffed animal puppy for an ice cream party. 

That sounds fun! What about on the computer?

I send pictures of my work to my teacher on Schoology. We do math and science and social studies. Hanging out with my family during the coronavirus is my most favorite thing. We have to stay home during COVID-19, which is also what we call the coronavirus.

Yes, we do. It’s been hard to suddenly do school a different way.

Yeah, it makes me frustrated! But I can do some new stuff. Like making a dress for my puppy. 

We’ve done a lot of new things! Remember when you did the first assignment on Lexia? Mommy and Daddy couldn’t help you. You had to do it on your own so the program would know what you could do by yourself and pick activities to help you learn.

That’s amazing!

What level are you on in Lexia Core5?

I’m on Level 3.

And what are some of the things you’ve done on Level 3?

I like to do some warmups before doing activities, like practicing going fast and slow. When I get started, I click the button for the warmup I want to do. I like the one where I get to find the letter and click it really fast! But most of all, I like doing the activities. And I get to do word segments! I click how many sounds for each word. See? 

(Rachel demonstrates a word segmenting activity)

This is “bus.” It has three sounds: b-u-s. This is “flute.” It says fl-oo-t. Wait, it says that’s not quite right. F-l-oo-t. Four sounds. 

So the computer tells you when you get it right and when you need more practice?

Yeah, it says “Great!” or “That’s not quite right.” Then I try it again and I get it!

Are there any other things you’d like to tell us about Lexia Core5 Reading?

It shows our planet! At the start while it’s loading, it shows a picture of planet Earth!

That is so cool! Thank you so much, Rachel! I’m glad you’re enjoying Lexia. 

You’re welcome. I love it!

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