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For Principals

Preparing Early for the 6th Grade STAAR
Backmapping to ELL Success in Grade 6: What’s your K-5 plan?

How do you support ELLs throughout your elementary literacy programs to make sure your 6th graders are prepared for the Grade 6 English Reading STAAR?

In the session, principals will learn 4 practices that can be built throughout elementary school to:

  • Support teachers in developing students’ foundational skills in the early elementary grades
  • Help teachers build on the foundational skills as students transition from learning to read to reading to learn
  • Equip teachers with the confidence and support to apply best practices throughout English literacy instruction
Principals and instructional leaders will leave the session with four practical ways they can support their elementary teachers in providing literacy instruction that helps to close the English reading proficiency gap for ELL students in early and late elementary school.

For Secondary Teachers

“Help! My students can’t understand the textbook!”
3 Teaching Tips for Getting Down the Field

If you’re a secondary teacher with students who struggle to access grade-level reading content in social studies, science, mathematics, or English language arts, join Lexia for an interactive workshop on 3 practical ways to help your students better understand texts in your content area.

Participants are asked to bring a classroom text that their students struggle to understand. We’ll examine three profiles of non-proficient secondary readers, so secondary teachers understand the underlying weakness of older non-proficient readers and how best to target instruction for each non-proficient reading profile.

Participants will then learn three critical--and easy-to-teach--aspects of academic language that can make an immediate impact in supporting their non-proficient secondary readers in accessing grade-level content area reading materials, and will leverage three easy-to-implement strategies to help build the academic language skills of non-proficient secondary readers while simultaneously teaching grade-level social studies, science, math, and English language arts content.

The workshop will provide the chance to create a modified lesson plan with fellow content area teachers that helps students to access the academic language found in their textbooks, and as a bonus, we’ll also discuss strategies for department chairs to build departmental capacity for incorporating these easy-to-use strategies into their classes.