Snapshots to Success

Pride Becomes Contagious

For many children, life poses serious challenges. Learning takes a back seat and often, these children feel defeated before they begin. My colleagues and I understand this, but it doesn’t dampen our commitment to helping each child realize his or her potential. 



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Soaring with Lexia

One student has been so excited about Lexia that he worked on it every spare moment that he had. He went past his grade (2nd grade) and ended up finishing the 3rd grade levels. 

South Carolina


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To Try and to Accomplish

I have many stories, but just today my student from Thailand passed another goal and he was incredibly proud of his accomplishment. 



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Carry Over

When a child completes a level in Lexia, we have a huge celebration! Some children are able to fly through levels, for others it takes a little longer. When a child who has been struggling finally completes a level and he or she has that success, it is priceless.


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Digging In with Lexia

One student was struggling with the rules for doubling consonants in words. I was able to pull a lesson provided by Lexia and do a mini-lesson with the student on the rules and practice. When she returned to her computer program, and realized she could do it by herself, it built her confidence as a reader. Plus, she had the biggest smile on her face because she finally passed that level.


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As a classroom teacher, it makes me so happy to see my students enthusiastic about making progress. Being that each student is unique and progresses at a different rate, when I check their individual status and see growth beyond my expectations it makes me so proud.

New York

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Rewarding Moments

I have a student who struggled with reading from the beginning of the year. He would get frustrated because nothing seemed to work; one-on-one sessions were not working for him. I gave him an incentive to try to work on Lexia for a week, and I worked with him at the same time using the Lexia Skill Builders. Then I created an assessment based on the skills we had worked on and he passed it!


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The Right Way to Go

Her guardian was adamant, “She’s way behind. She’s not reading. I don’t think she’s ready for third grade.” I understood her concern. In the past, I may have even agreed, but now that we had Lexia Reading Core5®, I knew we had a solution. All I needed was the guardian’s trust.


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Loving Lexia

I have several students who entered third grade as struggling readers. They had little confidence and already seemed resigned to not being able to read. After doing Lexia for a couple of months, their confidence has bloomed, and they are reading up a storm!


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Cause to Celebrate

I could hear the wild cheers spilling out of the classroom down the hall. It was electric! One might wonder what was this cause for celebration. I just smiled and carried on. I knew. It was Lexia Reading Core5®—our technology-based literacy program for grades pre-K–5.


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