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Lexia RAPID Assessment™ screens and monitors reading and language skills for students in grades K–12. Developed in partnership with the experts at the Florida Center for Reading Research, this computer-adaptive assessment reliably measures the skills most predictive of reading success to provide actionable, norm-referenced data for instructional planning.

  • Administered one-on-one and in small groups for grades K–2 and group-administered for grades 3–12

  • Student, class, school, and district reports available immediately at myLexia.com

  • Generates instructional groups and links to instructional resources


Adaptive Assessment

Adaptive Assessment

Avoiding the need for multiple lengthy assessments, RAPID (Reading Assessment for Prescriptive Instructional Data) provides an in-depth, reliable measurement of critical reading and language skills. Using adaptive technology, the assessment adjusts its presentation of questions based on student performance, monitors student progress, and predicts students' future reading success. RAPID also provides a specific diagnostic profile for each student that helps educators group students for instructional planning and address skill weaknesses.

Screen Reading and Language Skills

With tasks that adapt based on individual, real-time performance, RAPID predicts students' likelihood of end-of-year success.

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Identify Instructional Needs

RAPID provides a diagnostic profile for each student and connects teachers to instructional strategies to target students' needs.

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Measure Skill Development

Educators can determine whether students have made progress in the reading and language skills assessed by RAPID.

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What Users Say About Lexia

What Users Say About Lexia

"Lexia is a great resource to assess and assist students. It provides resources for students when they face challenges to help them exceed beyond areas of opportunity."

Michelle Simmons, Peachcrest Elementary School, GA

"We started using Lexia in January of last year. We were so very excited to report the highest percentage of students who passed our district mandated 3rd-grade reading assessment."

Sarah Stanley, Winding Ridge Elementary School, IN

"Lexia is a wonderful reading assessment tool. I am particularly impressed with the lessons and resources that are available to assist students when they struggle with a concept." 

Michelle Levac, Saint Martha Catholic School, ON

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