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With Lexia Reading Core5, teachers have the resources they need to provide direct instruction and intervention. As students work independently in the online activities, real-time performance data is collected through Lexia’s embedded assessment. Based on this data, Core5 recommends specific offline materials for both face-to-face instruction and independent practice.


Lexia Lessons

Lexia Lessons are scripted materials that allow teachers to provide explicit, multi-sensory instruction in specific skill areas. Lexia Lessons are automatically recommended for struggling students based on their performance in the online activities and can be delivered in a variety of ways, such as individual or small-group instruction within the classroom or during pull-out intervention with a specialist.

Core5 Lexia LessonsCore5 Lexia LessonsCore5 Lexia Lessons
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Lexia Connections

Lexia Instructional Connections provide teaching strategies and collaborative activity ideas to use with all students as a way to introduce, reinforce, or extend skills. These innovative classroom ideas can help teachers structure individual and group activities that integrate speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Core5 Lexia LessonsCore5 Lexia Lessons
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Lexia Skill Builders

When a student successfully completes an online activity in Core5, the program provides a set of paper-and-pencil activities designed to reinforce and extend the learning. Lexia Skill Builders can be incorporated into classroom routines or used for home practice to build independence, increase automaticity, and expand expressive skills.

Core5 Lexia Lessons Core5 Lexia Lessons Core5 Lexia Lessons
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