Strategies for Older Students

Low performing students in grades 4-12 using Lexia make significant gains in reading development.

Lexia recognizes that improving reading comprehension is directly related to strengthening fundamental literacy skills. That’s why Lexia offers a product specifically for older students, providing help for everyone in grades 4-12 at a high interest level.  Strategies for Older Students has a more mature interface and a range of content that covers basic phonological awareness as well as more advanced decoding skills, vocabulary development, and comprehension activities.

Reading Skills Developed in Strategies for Older Students:

  • Short Vowel, One Syllable Words: Letter-sound correspondence, phonological awareness in the initial, medial, and final sounds, including digraphs; word, phrase, and sentence comprehension.
  • Short and Long Vowels: Letter-sound manipulations, short and long vowel (silent-e) words, two syllable words; sentence and paragraph comprehension; high frequency irregular words.
  • Advanced Word-Attack Strategies: Two-syllable words, vowel-combinations, vowel-r words, suffixes; sentence and paragraph comprehension.
  • More Advanced Word-Attack Strategies: Multi-syllable words, hard and soft c and g, open and closed syllables; sentence and paragraph comprehension.
  • Structural Analysis: Anglo-Saxon, Latin and Greek word roots, prefixes and suffixes, special accents; sentence and paragraph comprehension.